Stacey and Adam's Wedding at Regale! at DC Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ

Stacey and Adam exchanged their wedding vows in the beautiful outdoor park at Regale! at DC Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ. The ceremony began with their flowergirls and ringbearer carrying humorous chalkboard signs reading "Last chance to run" and "Here comes your bride", as they marched up the aisle toward the waiting groom. Following the bridal party's procession, Stacey and her father walked across the wooden bridge to the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Stacey and Adam placed sealed letters in a wooden wine box, to be opened and read on their one-year wedding anniversary. The box was engraved with their names; wedding date; home states of California and Florida; and their new home state together of Arizona.

After the vows and kiss, the newlyweds posed for celebratory photos with their numerous and stylishly-adorned attendants: 7 bridesmaids in short black dresses; 1 bridesman in a black vest with yellow bowtie; and 8 groomsmen in gray vests and yellow bowties.

Before the grand entrance, we spent some quiet time with Stacey and Adam for bride and groom portraits, first on the rustic bridge on Market Street, and then in a nearby desert arroyo, where Mother Nature delivered a spectacular Arizona sunset. 

The remainder of the evening, Stacey and Adam celebrated with family and friends in the intimate, much-deserved air-conditioned comfort of Regale!

Congrats to this beautiful couple! 

Thanks to the following wedding vendors who helped make this day possible:

Mark Sanchez of Professional Mobile Entertainment

Cactus Flowers 

Put a Fork In It! Catering