Cosplay, Superhero Comic Book Wedding


Newly engaged couples often feel overwhelmed by the traditions and expectations that go into planning their wedding day. But the truth is that you can break away from tradition, while still creating a special event that your guests will love attending. JeriLyn and Randy are the perfect example of a couple that made their wedding day truly their own, in a way that both celebrated their unique hobbies and loves (comic books, cosplay, gaming, superheroes), while still honoring and actively involving their family and guests. JeriLyn and Randy were awesome enough to share the details of their wedding day, and even some DIY and cost-saving wedding planning tips.


How did you come to select the theme for your wedding day? Why was this important to you?

Randy: "Instead of a traditional wedding where you buy/rent clothes and supplies that we knew we were only going to use once before throwing in a mothball-ridden closet for years to come, we decided we wanted to do something we could reuse. Because we are both so heavily inspired by comics, movies and games, and attend MANY pop-culture conventions in a business and pleasurable capacity (as well as a lot of our friends and family) we felt doing a sort of 'cosplay' themed wedding was ideal. People could dress up as their favorite characters/people and the costumes could be reused. We now use our outfits as our 'cosplay' clothes at conventions we attend."

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How did you encourage guests to participate?

Randy: "It didn't take too much encouragement as a lot of our friends and family are as quirky as us and really enjoyed the experience. An added bonus was that Halloween was a week and a half prior to our special occasion, which made the costume-building process as difficult or as easy as people really wanted to make it. Also, the promise of free booze helped a lot."


Describe any personal or handmade touches that you incorporated in your wedding.

Randy: "We had made flower bouquets (including the bride's) out of paper flowers we painstakingly made out of comic books that were repurposed from our comic shop, as they were just titles the shop had amassed but couldn't really sell. (Fun fact: the more violent the comic book, the prettier the flower... because blood.) We also used some of our favorite comic book titles as table decorations for people to read and look at while dining, and to take as party favors."

"We also wanted to avoid having a traditional wedding cake as they're not something people typically go gaga over anyway. It was actually suggested to us to do a big stack of donuts, which were a big hit with our guests (out of 8-9 dozen, we walked away with a small box of 6 donuts at the end of the evening). It definitely was a fun addition that we feel was better than a traditional cake."

Tell us about the design of the wedding dress. Did JeriLyn make it herself? What inspired her? What were the advantages of doing a custom-designed dress versus purchasing from a chain store?

Randy: "The wedding dress was basically made from pieces and parts we'd found from different vendors at the conventions we attend. The inception was from JeriLyn's love for Superman... so she dubbed herself the 'Bride-of-Steel,' and we worked around that. The outfit consisted of a black leather corset, a black skirt with white petticoats, a Victorian-era high collar, white button-down shirt with frills, a leather Victorian-era riding hat (that we emblazoned with a silver and black Superman logo), black and white 'spat'-esque boots (later exchanged for black Chuck Taylors for dancing later), and a silver Superman pendant on a silver chain."


"The main advantage of doing a custom designed outfit was really the fact that we were able to help out a lot of the other vendors we attend conventions with, and not throwing money at a big chain store that wouldn't consider my ideas but would rather show me the dresses worn by a hundred other brides that day alone. It was a treat to spread our joy around to independent artists who we've known for years. We also have the opportunity to mix-and-match aspects of this outfit into other designs in the future for other fun events."


Tell us about the design of the groom’s suit. Did Randy make it himself? What inspired him?

JeriLyn: "Randy's "Bat-Groom" outfit was inspired by his favorite character Batman (obviously). The relationship between Batman and Superman over the years has been (what we describe as) a 'Bro-mance.' They always have one another's back and rely on each other in times of need. His costume was a little less elaborate as it consisted of a regular black button-down shirt, a black vest with silver striping, black jeans with a Batman belt buckle, black Chuck Taylor shoes and a giant top hat with the Batman logo on the front. It was simple, but matched the overall fun-aesthetic we were going for."

Were there any special traditions that were a part of your wedding day?

Randy: "The only semi-"traditional" aspect was we had decided that we wouldn't see each other as soon as we hit the venue until the moment of the ceremony. Other than that, we were making it as easy-going and stressfree as possible. Throwing tradition out the window allowed us to really cut loose and not adhere to a bunch of rigid guidelines that'd sap the fun out of the whole process. The only real stress was being the center of attention and making damned fools of ourselves in front of our most cherished people ... and even that was great."

What were some of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

JeriLyn: "As generic of a statement as this is... the vows. We had them written for us by one of our best friends who knows us to a "T". Being able to speak words that were funny and eloquent to my husband-to-be was a great feeling because normally I just stare at him slack-jawed and drooling on myself wondering how I got so lucky. But honestly, the whole thing feels like a quick blur and I loved every moment."


Randy: "As JeriLyn said, the vows were my favorite part. Talking about superheroes and cats and bad comic movies right before getting hitched was a good laugh for us as well as our guests. My other favorite is that David Orr piled us in his vehicle right after the ceremony, and we went down to our comic book shop (about a block away), and we had a good time goofing off and having pictures taken."


How did you come to select the location for your wedding? What was special about this place to you?

Randy: "We wanted to be in an area we frequent fairly often. Regency Garden is about two blocks away from the Mesa Arts Center where JeriLyn works and also really close to our comic book shop we frequent as well. We found Regency kind of by chance. The well-deserved awesome reviews, located in an area we know and frequent, with extremely nice employees and they already had David Orr working as their photographer (which we didn't know until our initial visit when we all bumped into each other at the venue the first day), and the fact it was fantastic looking with reasonable pricing and all inclusive... it felt like it was meant to be."

What advice do you have for couples who are planning their wedding? (Best ways to incorporate a theme, tips to keep costs down, pitfalls to avoid, etc.)

Randy: "Simply put, walk in with a bit of skepticism. Wedding magazines, bridal expos, traditions being jammed down your throat, et cetera ... these resources are meant to sell you something that was already used a hundred times over. There's no need to spend tons of money on customized party favors that guests are going to toss in the trash the next month or that big elaborate stark white dress that will never be seen after that special day. So what if it's 'tradition' to do this, that or the other thing ... whose tradition? This is your day. You or someone you are close to are the one footing the bill. Why would you want it to be the next generic one sold out of an overpriced catalog? You be you--don't let tradition get in the way."

JeriLyn: "You know those folks who are hired with the venue typically? The 'wedding coordinators' ... listen to them. There's no need to micromanage since these folks do hundreds of events a year. They'll certainly know what is unique, what is overdone and what is possible ... and they'll be the first ones to tell you. Also, keep things simple. The more elaborate it is, the more expensive, labor intensive and stressful things become. As much as I want a hundred pure white doves to be released over my head from a hot air balloon with me and my husband's name on it ... it just seems like a lot of unnecessary work for something that people will say 'huh... that was cool. Okay, where's the bar?' "


Come see David Orr speak on the Phoenix Comicon wedding panel "Geek Weddings on a Budget": Friday, May 26, 2017 at 12noon at the Phoenix Convention Center.

21 Creative Ways How To Use Your Engagement Photos

By Amanda Orr


At David Orr Photography, we like to think of an engagement photo session as more of a date night, but we’re following along behind a camera, encouraging couples to try fun poses in natural light scenarios. We could walk around downtown Phoenix together, explore the scenic Sonoran desert, soak up the fragrance of fresh desert flowers at local gardens, and basically get out on the town—or even out of town to a gorgeous Arizona destination! Our job is to capture the two of you in love, in a beautiful setting, naturally enjoying your time together.

So, what on earth are we going to do with all these engagement images, you ask?

Oh, there’s lots you can do—here are some suggestions below on sharing these images of your personal style with your friends and family before and after the wedding, and a few resources we searched high and low for on the web to share with you!

Engagement Photo Uses Before the Wedding:


Save the Dates

Be it a printed card you mail out to your guest list at least 6 months ahead (especially for those traveling from out of town), or a simple postcard, your guests are bound to get excited to see a glimpse of what’s to come! When you hire us, we’ll provide you access to our online invitation shop. You’ll be able to order and customize your own invitations, save the dates, thank you cards and more with our easy online system. Select fine-art papers, hand-pressed foils and lined envelopes!

Bride and Groom Website or Blog

Nowadays it is becoming more common to create a personalized website to share registry information, maps to venues and general information about the wedding festivities for guests—go ahead and sprinkle in some creative engagement shots to tell your love story and build upon your unique wedding theme!



At least 3 months before, the wedding guests will expect to see the official announcement and invite to RSVP. Images designed into the invite make for a great historic and formal keepsake.


Think photo booth style; you could have a little fun with your facial expressions when taking photos. Decorate your invites with that fun personality. Visit


Show your guests a chronological retrospective on how you found your way to each other—design a large chalkboard, corkboard, or magnet board of major life events, and then add in photos from your childhood, first car, high school graduation, college days, etc., all the way up to the present engagement.

Photo Tree Card Holder

It’s fun to give photo gifts to guests. Hang framed engagement photos or image porcelain ornaments from either a traditional wire cardholder tree or a crafted bundling of strong, decorative limbs from a craft store. This is a great way to make a striking display:


Photo Guest Signature Book

One of our most popular products, our stylish Signature Books allow you to share your Engagement photos, and your guests can sign and write personal dedications in your unique, lay-flat book. We’ll take care of the design, so all you have to do is choose between Hard Cover or Padded Cover, for only $150. Schedule your engagement session here:

Photo Candy Tins

Ever seen an image printed directly on an aluminum tin? It’s so cool! Or you could have a photo printed directly to a porcelain keepsake box—either way, if there’s candy inside, it will be a big hit. Visit

Ceramic Photo Tile

You could customize a special message, add a monogram, or place your wedding date on top of your image, and then have it glazed onto a tile.

Photo Confetti

Sprinkle some fun expressions with different pics on the guests’ tables. Check out Photofetti:

Photo Hershey’s Kisses

Use up that same confetti and glue it to the bottom of a Kiss!

Bottle Cap Magnets

Don’t throw out those beer bottle caps–I mean soda caps–just yet. All you need are some small magnets, scissors for cutting up pics, Diamond Glaze for cap filling, and a glue gun. Here’s a resource:


Be Sure to Follow David Orr Photography on Pinterest!

For more ideas on using your Engagement photos, go here:

Trivia Cards

On one side you’ve got a cute photo of you two, and on the other side are fun questions about your lives. Then have your DJ ask a series of those questions during the reception. The first table to answer correctly will get to be next at the chow buffet line!

Photo Cookies

Just what everyone wants, to eat your beautiful faces! If you have a great sense of humor and like to eat cookies, check out the Picture PerfectTM Collection by Eleni’s:

Photo Lollipops

Or if you prefer a different method to savor your likeness, there’s chocolate lollipops from Beau-Coup:

Photo Wine Bottles

Your guests will love this splurge! Design your own photo wine label with Bottle Your Brand:

Soda Pop Bottles

Jones Soda comes in a variety of refreshing flavors and colors, and you can add your engagement photo to label the soda:

Photo Vases

Your DJ can help you craft a guest game to give away your special photo vase centerpieces at each table:



Sure, you could opt to create a PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow, or David Orr Photography can show you a modern take on visual entertainment for your guests. Our music video slideshow is definitely not boring, and just $95! Watch one:

Engagement & Wedding Photo Uses After the Wedding

Thank You Cards

Come full circle with your theme and send your guests folded image cards—but now that the wedding is over, you could add in a wedding photo instead!


Metal Prints, Artistic Shapes

With a variety of cool shapes and sizes, you could create a memorable wall of image-fused aluminum prints, with a shiny or satin matte finish to reflect your personal style. Ask us for more info:

Canvas Wraps and Gallery Clusters

Canvas wraps are a frameless, ready-to-hang, wall-sized presentation of your favorite wedding moment. Depending on your taste, you can select high gloss, glossy or satin matte finish, and even create a cluster of different image canvases, slices, or arrangements.


If you want to learn more about how to get your own gallery cluster prints, start here:

Maid (Matron) of Honor To-Do Checklist

By Amanda Orr

Guess what, you’ve just been asked to be the Maid of Honor! Congrats, girlfriend! Now what? You’re probably wondering what a maid or matron of honor (MOH) does, and what are the expectations?

Maid of Honor in black_David Orr Photography

Sure, you’ll have a big job to do, but it’s a great excuse to create one of the most rewarding and fun memories in yours (and the bride’s) lifetime. The bride knows that she can count on you for anything. Yup, sounds like a big responsibility! But don’t despair; below is a checklist of the MOH basics, ready to guide you through this exciting role.

Before the Wedding:

  • Enjoy being that go-to-person the bride can come to about anything on her mind when it comes to her wedding. You’re that special person she can lean on to share her thoughts, seek advice and vent off wedding stress. And just remember, laughter is the best medicine for stress.

  • Help the bride research dress styles and go with her for preliminary fittings! Remember, all bridesmaids will purchase their own wedding dresses and shoes.

  • Communicate with bridesmaids on when to purchase their bridesmaid dresses, fittings, jewelry, shoes, etc. within a certain time frame.

wedding dress hangers
spring wedding dresses
  • Help find gift registration options, send out invitations, and assist with table seating assignments.

  • The maid of honor usually hosts, organizes and pays for the bridal shower, and is usually in charge of all bachelorette party festivities. But don’t forget to recruit and include the bridesmaids for planning help!

  • Gracefully delegating tasks to bridesmaids is a great way to include everyone in on the fun. Don’t try and do it all yourself! Consider having one bridesmaid organize games or activities for the shower. Another bridesmaid can help track gifts that are given to the bride at the shower and during the reception. And another bridesmaid could coordinate with the groomsmen on decorating a surprise getaway car!

  • Be sure to inform the bridesmaids of when and where to show up for the rehearsal, as well as the following rehearsal dinner event.

  • Get a copy of the Wedding Day timeline and photography schedule from the bride, and discuss this information with the bridesmaids--make sure they understand the times they need to be available for photos!

wedding pearls
  • Plan ahead with the bridesmaids to know exactly how much time is needed to get their hair and makeup done, how long it takes to drive from one location to another, and what they need to bring with them to help the bride get ready.

  • Team up with the bride to help her create an emergency kit for the wedding day. This could include a bag full of safety pins, cotton swabs, tissues, lip gloss, touch-up makeup, bandaids, water bottles, flip flops, scissors, bobby pins, lotion, chewing gum, chocolate bars--think about anything that the bride might need in a pinch!

wedding toast
  • Prepare a toast. And don’t be shy; practice in front of a few folks to get the nerves out. And don’t make the toast too long; a good rule of thumb is to keep the toast between 2 - 5 minutes.

On the Wedding Day

  • Have a healthy, full breakfast; today is going to be a calorie-burning day!

  • Keep the bridesmaids alert and on time; be sure they know what the schedule for the day is, and text them the schedule again if needed. (TIP: If you think you have a bridesmaid(s) who is(are) chronically late, tell them to be ready 1 hour before you actually need them to be--this is a great trick to keep them on track.)

maid of honor robe_David Orr Photography
bridesmaid toasts

Plan some fun moments for the bride while she is getting ready, like a Champagne toast, before she puts her dress on! These moments will keep the wedding day stress-free, and make for great photos!

bridesmaid robes

Help the bride get her dress on. The mother of the bride may be there for most of the preparations--like jewelry--but you may be asked to help with the bride’s veil, lacing the back of the dress, or placing shoes on her feet.

bride shoes_David Orr Photography
dressing the bride_David Orr Photography
bridal makeup_David Orr Photography
  • Keep the bride laughing. Today may be full of to-do’s and tasks, but make it fun, carefree and memorable!

  • When the flowers arrive, be sure to get the bouquets distributed to each bridesmaid and bride before the photography begins!

  • Recruit bridesmaids to help pin the boutonnières onto the groomsmen--be sure the photographer is available to catch this moment!

beautiful bride_David Orr Photography
bridal bouquets_David Orr Photography
  • Before the ceremony starts, hold the groom’s ring! Keep it in a safe place for easy access!

  • Help the bride with her gown train and veil before, during and after the ceremony. You may be asked to assist with straightening and arranging the dress during the photos, and you may have to bustle the dress before the reception!

  • After the bride makes her way down the aisle, she’ll pass her bouquet to you to hold during the ceremony.

maid of honor_David Orr Photography
  • You’ll be an official witness by signing the marriage license.

  • During the reception, you may be asked to dance with the best man. And you may be introduced with him during the grand entrance or introductions!

  • Last but not least, it’s toast time! Good thing you’ve practiced. It’s now or never. You totally got this!  

maid of honor toast_David Orr Photography