david orr and his muse, wife amanda

Photos of Amanda & Dave by Life Through a Lens

Photos of Amanda & Dave by Life Through a Lens

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Amanda: "David, what drives you to create your style of photography?"

David: "My photography journey all started with my love of nature. My favorite childhood memories are hiking out in the Superstition Mountains and Sonoran Desert with my father, camping in the pines of Greer and the Grand Canyon, and driving through the vast Great Basin of Nevada to visit my grandparents. Art has always been a huge part of my life as well. My mom taught us watercolor painting and calligraphy at home, and enrolled us in summer courses--photography, ceramics, lapidary--at the Mesa Arts Center. In high school my parents gave me my first camera--a Canon AE-1, and I was soon documenting every hike and camping trip I took around the state. This love continued through college, where I took every photography course I could manage while working my way towards a Masters in English--Creative Writing. By this point I had invested a portion of my student loans (shhhh!) on a 4x5" studio camera and was lugging this beast around the state! Following college we were asked to photograph a few weddings for friends, back in the days of film. We prepped down to the tiniest details--how many rolls of color and black and white film we needed, how many shots we could take per hour, etc.! When I got those first negatives and 4x6" proofs back, I was hooked! The power of photography to preserve the feelings and emotions of a moment was what always intrigued me, and seeing this power to transport a couple back to their wedding day was so fulfilling!" 

Amanda: "What type of images do you want to create?"

David: "I love to create images that capture true love, unaffected and natural. And of course a gorgeous backdrop is always an added bonus!"

Amanda: "What BIG advice do you have for couples on their wedding day?"

David: "Remember the love that brought you together and this awesome opportunity to share it with everyone. Don't sweat the details or worry if a few things go awry. And remember to let your family and bridal party help along the way--they will be thrilled!"

Amanda: "What should couples expect to find when they hire with us?"

David: "A calm, caring pair of photographers that will listen to you and help you capture your dream day. We'll map out all of your key photos, down to specific times and locations, make recommendations based off of our experience, and coordinate seamlessly with your wedding planner, DJ, and venue. On the day of your wedding, we come professionally dressed and prepared with cameras, lighting, and backup equipment galore. We'll bring our arsenal of experience, expertise, fun poses, bad jokes, and goofy facial expressions to bring out the best in you and your family."

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Call Us! 602-363-8161

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