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Pale Pink Blush Wedding Trends

Blush Pink for Weddings is a timeless color that can be paired with many other colors! This year, gold, blush, copper and cream are popping up in weddings everywhere! Thank you to all of the Pinterest folks out there for sharing all of these great ideas!

Rose Pink Wedding Ideas

There’s a real sense of classic romance when you’re surrounded by the subtle softness of Rose Pinks in Weddings! A versatile color for all seasons, you’ll notice some different hues that fall under this pale rose collection.

Fuchsia Hot Pink Wedding Look

You’ll see this eye-popping color show up in weddings for Spring, Summer and Fall. Fuchsia and Hot Pink for Weddings is meant to spice up an event, entice guests by awakening their senses, and ignite passion and romance like no other color!

Salmon Pink, Coral Wedding Pins

We’re seeing a bit of Coral, Salmon and Watermelon Wedding Trends intermix with each other, so this collection of pins can show you how to mix up these colors together, or how to use them separately! Lots of refreshing wedding ideas here!


Peach Wedding Board

Light and airy Peach Weddings are a wonderful, chic trend for any Spring and Summer wedding season! The warmth of this color can be paired well with cooler colors, making this a favorite for warm, romantic-feeling imagery!

Poppy Orange Wedding Ideas

Want Mandarin or Poppy Orange for Your Wedding? Consider an intense couture orange that truly makes a statement, while showing your guests how much fun they are about to experience. Its a brave and unforgettable wedding color worth a try!

Lemon Yellow Wedding Pins

Bright and Sunny Lemon Yellow Weddings are a refreshing sight to be seen during the spring and summer months. Especially if you live in an area that gets lots of cloudy skies—bring in some sunshine with this very happy wedding color!

Neutral Beige Boho Weddings

Looking for a more subtle, clean type of wedding, then scale back bold colors with Neutral White and Beige Wedding Ideas that are sure to set a calm, timeless and sophisticated mood for your beautiful and romantic wedding day.


Eucalyptus Sage Wedding Ideas

The Sage Green Wedding color scheme is a wonderful way to go for any Fall, Winter or Spring wedding. It’s a muted and subtle color that works well with lavenders, plums, grays, or dusty rose pinks! Nature lovers can really bring the outdoors in with sage.

Mint Green Wedding Inspiration

Think Seafoam. Robin Egg. Spearmint! Yes, the refreshing Mint Green Wedding Theme is so versatile, its great for all seasons! Discover how to use succulents, rosemary, sea glass, rock candy and mint to create a cool and clever wedding masterpiece!

Aqua Turquoise Wedding Trends

Think cool blue waters, oceanic beaches, crystal blue waterfalls and sea breezes. No matter where you live, Aqua Blue Weddings are inviting, and we’re seeing a lot of light and dark hues making their way into weddings this year!

Rainbow Wedding Planning

It’s ok if you like all the colors of the rainbow. There are really creative and sophisticated ways you can make this happen for your own Rainbow Wedding! Your guests are guaranteed to not get bored with this kind of stimulation.


Midnight Navy Blue Weddings

Rock the night away to celebrate your new union with this everlasting theme that never gets old! The Midnight Blue and Navy Wedding Theme has taken on numerous evolutions that are great for any evening event, or fall and winter affair!

Indigo Cornflower Blue Weddings

Think blue denim theme, maybe muted natural indigo inks, or cornflower blues when creating your wedding tone. The natural blue hues of an Indigo Wedding works all year round and can be paired with many bold seasonal colors!

Sapphire and Cobalt Blue Weddings

Make a statement of pure marvelousness (yup, not a typo) and show your guests the beauty of intense azurite and lapis blues for your Sapphire Cobalt Blue Wedding! A seriously cool color for modern Summer or Winter weddings!

Periwinkle Light Blue Weddings

Light and pale dusty blues with a kiss of violet have been a Springtime wedding hit this year! The Periwinkle Blue Wedding can also be a great Winter option for those looking to create a soothing and calm tone for their romantic day!


Lavender Purple Weddings

Imagine the wonderful floral scents of a calming, lovely Lavender Wedding! This theme can used Spring, Summer or Fall, and comes in a few different shades allowing for endless ideas for using dried and fresh lavender for your big day!

Lilac and Light Purple Weddings

Be it Spring, Summer or Fall, the light hues of a Lilac Wedding is so inviting and timeless! We’ve seen some incredible new ideas (like lilac gold engagement rings) come up, and creative buttercream layered cakes too pretty to eat!

Orchid Purple, Amethyst Weddings

Think shades of blackberry, hints of burgundy and blends of pinks and purples, having an Orchid-Amethyst Wedding theme can be modernized and revived for this Summer, Fall or Winter with bold contrasts, such as royal blues or mint greens!

Botanical Leaf Green Weddings

Tap into the great outdoors, imagine yourself in a secret garden, embracing simple, natural, botanical colors! The cool hues of a Leaf Green Wedding are refreshing for any Summer, Fall or Winter event, be it outdoors or indoors!


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