Newest Wedding Invitation Ideas, Trends and Designs

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We love it when wedding couples bring their wedding invitations to their wedding day for us to photograph—it is a perfect way to document the story, and more importantly, preserve the wedding invitation in memory form!

Adding engagement photos into the invitations is still a very popular practice, but you don’t have to design and print your invite with a custom online printer just to use these photos. Sending an old-fashioned physical print for people to frame or hang up is very thoughtful. Plus, you can create any type of invitation you can think of to share your images. Just imagine sending out an: engraved invitation, embossed invitation, wooden invitation, popup invitation, watercolor invitation, stamped invitation, acrylic invitation, and on and on!

But don’t take our word for it. Go see what others are doing to make their wedding invitations stand out from the crowd, and show off their creative spirits!

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And just in case you missed the collection of wedding archways, floral arches, and bowers we posted on our Instagram, here is the link to this nifty collection of wedding arch ideas that are all the rage this year!

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