Proposal Photo Session at Camelback Mountain

There are few moments in life as unique or special as your wedding day, which is why having a professional photographer to capture your wedding day is a must! But what about the beginning of your love story, the proposal?


Your proposal is an important part of the journey to your wedding day, and having professional photos to remember that once-in-a-lifetime moment means that you can relive and share that joy with your loved ones for time to come.

When Evan reached out to us to capture his proposal, we were thrilled to hear that he had something really special planned. We worked through the logistics together, picking the best time for flattering outdoor light, best location for an epic backdrop, and ways to avoid huge crowds of people at his chosen location.

Here's the story of how Evan's proposal played out:

My day began before sunrise at the base of Camelback Mountain, with me hiking to the summit for the first time. It was a truly frigid day, with temps in the 40s minus windchill...brrr. Timing was crucial to get to the top of Camelback just after sunrise for the best lighting, and to beat the huge crowds of hikers that were sure to come for this popular destination.

The views of the city were fantastic! After a challenging climb to the top, I waited for Evan and his girlfriend Julie, who were here all the way from North Carolina, visiting Scottsdale three years after they first met here.

I marked an ideal proposal location for Evan with rocks, and then found a vantage point behind some boulders to photograph from without being seen. I was able to spot Evan and Julie on their way up by Evan's cap and Julie's purple top.

Once Evan and Julie arrived at the summit, Evan had Julie turn around and close her eyes. He quickly pulled a classic western shirt out of his backpack and slipped it on. The shirt belonged to Julie’s father; it was the same shirt Julie’s father had worn when proposing to Julie’s mother years ago.


Then, Evan asked Julie to turn around and open her eyes. He got down on one knee and launched into a surprise proposal.

The dozen or so other hikers on the mountain top quickly caught on to what was happening, and hushed and watched. Once Evan finished his proposal and Julie said “yes!”, the hikers erupted into cheers and applause.


Julie was completely giddy with smiles and tears of joy for nearly half an hour! I truly felt honored to be taking such important portraits of the newly engaged Evan and Julie in their moment of bliss. They now have beautiful images of that once-in-a-lifetime moment to share with their family and friends!


Having unique images of your proposal is icing on the cake! Our proposal session packages start at $250 and include at least 1 hour of coverage; our location knowledge--in and outside of Phoenix--and planning guidance; high-res, downloadable images; and a shareable online photo gallery.

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