Lauren and John's creekside wedding in Sedona, Arizona

Lauren and John were wedded in an intimate outdoor ceremony against the backdrop of Sedona, Arizona's gorgeous Cathedral Rock. Lauren and John kindly shared their story with us and what made their wedding day special. Read on for the details! 

Wedding day preparations began at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. Lauren was helped with her final dress preparations by her mother and mother-in-law.

Lauren tells us about her wedding dress: "My mother and I went shopping together for my wedding dress. We found it at a store for a huge discount. I fell in love with it and the price, lol!"

We just love the unique, embroidered floral style of this gown!

The rough leather of John's boots made a cool textural backdrop for the wedding rings! Lauren tells us about the proposal: "John wanted our proposal to be our first special memory in our new home together. It was just John and I in the home when he proposed in the kitchen. We then went to Melting Pot to celebrate our engagement."

John was gifted a special 21-year-old Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky in celebration of his wedding day.

Lauren tells us about another special wedding tradition that she incorporated into her wedding day: "Something old was I attached my great grandmother’s ring to my bouquet of flowers for the event. Our biggest surprise on our wedding day was my grandmother crying when she saw her mother’s ring on my bouquet."

It was truly a very emotional and special moment for all involved. 

The tall grass and lush vegetation along Oak Creek made for a beautiful setting for Lauren and John's bridal portraits. Lauren explains why they chose the red rocks of Sedona as the location for their wedding ceremony: "Sedona, Arizona was John and I’s first trip together as a couple. We felt it was only fitting to get married there since we love it there and we love the outdoors." 

Lauren and John chose to have their elopement-style wedding ceremony witnessed only by their parents and immediate family. Lauren explains: "We are definitely not young teeny boppers anymore. We are more practical and simple people. We care more about the moment than things. We felt having an intimate small wedding fit both of us more than a huge expensive wedding. It was everything and more of what we hoped for."

We couldn't agree more!

Lauren and John's advice for couples who are currently planning their wedding? "Make it what you want, not what everyone else wants. Be selfish, be free, and make sure you take time to soak it in."

Well said! Congrats Lauren and John!