Happy Holidays from David and Amanda!

We're so thankful for all of you--our clients, customers, family, and friends--for making our 2013 great! We wish you the brightest and best holiday, and an amazing new year!

Our elves (you know, the ones that do the bookkeeping and editing and packaging and behind-the-scenes stuff) have a fun little riddle for you! And a sweet prize for whomever solves it--a movie date night for two (even if you live outside of AZ)!

So here's the deal. The elves have hidden a message in the photos below. Just look for their faces and pointy little ears in each photo. When you find their face, you'll also see a letter on their elf hat. Collect all the letters and unscramble them to reveal their message. Once you decipher the message, submit it to us here

One winner will be randomly chosen from those who have correctly solved the puzzle. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on New Year's Eve.

What's that? You need a hint? Okay, okay. The elves' message is 3 words long, and part of a holiday song. Good luck! :)

David OrrComment