Orr Family Reunion, California

Part of our Orr family gathered for a mini "reunion" of sorts in southern California this August. It was great to have everyone together, including Amanda and I, brother Geoff and sister-in-law Mavis (and her brother Brian and sister Karen) who flew in from Washington, my parents Russ and Kristen from Nevada, and of course Grandma Orr, aunt Barbara and uncle Mark in California. The weather was also a good 20 - 30 degrees cooler than Phoenix, and the coast beautiful as always.

Looking toward Seaport Village from our San Diego Bay ferry.

The Coronado Bridge over San Diego Bay.

Looking across San Diego Bay toward the Marriott Hotel.

An iridescent green "June bug" that terrorized the other passengers aboard our San Diego Bay ferry to Coronado Island. He was actually quite friendly.

The seared Hawaiian tuna stack appetizer at C Level restaurant--amazing! It was topped with papaya-mango salsa, and garnished with banana and taro chips.

Pleasure Point, a permanent installation of boats and other water vessels by Nancy Rubins, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, in La Jolla.

Another view of Pleasure Point.

Amanda chillin' in a hammock.

The Orr Family

August sunset over the hills of Escondido.