Fourth of July Weekend in Flagstaff, AZ

Amanda, Rocher (our french bulldog) and I took advantage of the 3-day Fourth of July weekend and headed up to Flagstaff for some rest from the Phoenix heat. We tried out two new dog-friendly hiking trails--Bismarck Lake and Walker Lake--both of which are small seasonal water holes that have formed in collapsed cinder cones. They were quite beautiful and Rocher enjoyed frolicking off-lead in the grass and water! We were also treated to a good soaking rainstorm which brought out the fresh scent of the ponderosa pine needles.

On Saturday we drove up Mount Elden in the hopes of seeing Flagstaff's fireworks from overhead. We learned two things; Mount Elden has two peaks, one of which blocked our view of the fireworks, and fireworks don't go up that high. We were maybe 1700 feet above Flagstaff and the fireworks didn't clear the hill in front of us. Still, we had an exceptional view of the city lights and Route 66, and even caught the tiny bursts of fireworks at distant Lake Mary and Winslow!