Jewelry Photography for Shows, Galleries and Marketing

Images true to your art . . .

David Orr Photography delivers exceptional quality images, providing dramatic lighting and backgrounds, accurate color reproduction, and sharp focus, in both digital and high quality slides.

We have been instrumental in creating high quality images for juried show and gallery submissions (including ZAPPLICATION® software);  online website galleries; magazine features; books; and printed marketing materials.

We also offer a full range of graphic design services including postcards and business cards, brochures, show posters and banners, catalogs, and even custom artist’s portfolios.


Image quality comparison:  Cellphone snapshot versus professional jewelry image with studio lighting and background.


The David Orr difference: why should you hire us as your professional jewelry photographer?

You'll get images with quality, depth, and dimension.

The challenge of creating a great jewelry photo is representing a three-dimensional piece in a two-dimensional format. Unfortunately do-it-yourself options like one-size-fits-all light tents create lighting that is both flat and dull. Our professional approach to jewelry photography uses multiple light sources to bring out the depth and dimension of your piece. We photograph each piece using at least 3 light sources from different angles, and then composite these separate images in Photoshop to show the full range of texture and detail of your piece.

You'll get rich images with accurate color.

Our professional studio lighting accurately renders the colors of your piece both rich and bright.

You can show off your high resolution images which are always photographed with professional-grade camera equipment.

We use professional, full-frame, DSLR cameras, which render high-res images suitable for print (postcards, business cards, fliers, etc.) and even show banners and posters. Don’t try that with a cellphone!

We provide dust-free images, with real backgrounds.

We photograph your jewelry on a neutral, non-distracting, gradient background that directs all eyes to your piece. This background is perfect for jury submission and even your website portfolio. We use a real, reflective background (not a digitally created one) to bring out even more detail and depth to your piece.

Don’t need a jury background? We can also photograph your piece on clean white or black for your website store or portfolio.


A jury gradient background. Real (not digital) reflective background that reveals the underside and additional design of dimensional jewelry.


Clean white background. Perfect for website stores and ecommerce.

You'll get multiple file formats.

Our jewelry photography pricing includes files formatted for ZapplicationTM and Juried Art Services at no additional charge. So you can apply to that show or gallery without any additional steps.

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