Art Glass Photography at The Melting Point Gallery in Sedona, AZ

We were thrilled when we were invited to photograph some of the exceptional art glass and blown glass at The Melting Point gallery in Sedona! Since many of the glass pieces are both large and delicate (and hence difficult to transport), we brought our studio equipment and set up on-location to photograph the pieces over the course of a few days.

Many of the gorgeous items, such as the Vortex series of cups and vessels, are made in the hot shop by the gallery's own talented artists. The Melting Point also offers glass beadmaking and glassblowing classes taught by the gallery's artists as well as visiting instructors from around the world. So the next time you pass through Sedona, be sure to check out this amazing place on the west end just off highway 89A. Browsing and admiring the work is free and encouraged!