Hanging with the Guys in the Groom’s Room



What can you do for fun when you are tasked to wait in the groom's room?

Sometimes a gap of time makes its way into your wedding day like a wedding crasher. The clock just seems to stop, especially for the groom and his groomsmen as they wait, dressed and ready to go, for the bride to get ready. No fear, there’s plenty of fun to be had during this time. Hanging with the guys one last time before you tie the knot should be memorable and fun! So, here’s a few ideas you can plan ahead for. That’s right--you want to plan ahead for a groomsmen hangout before the wedding ceremony, because the rest of your day will be on a tight schedule. So getting this pinned down in advance will make your time with your friends even more memorable!

1. Play a fast card game of Speed.  About 5 minutes per game.

It’s an easy to learn, 2-player game (so bring multiple card decks and get a tournament going), and a great way to hang with the guys before you make your way down the wedding aisle!  Here are some quick instructions: http://www.ehow.com/how_2313711_play-card-game-speed.html

2. Decorate the getaway car.  Groomsmen only.  Aim for 15 minutes.

While the groom is getting dressed, get the boys together for a decorating session--that is, make the getaway car something the bride and groom will never forget. Now, just be sure to refrain from anything that will permanently damage the car, truck, or bike. Here are some fun images to inspire you: http://www.pinterest.com/davidorrphoto/getaway-cars-for-the-wedding-day/

3. Cigar time and photos. About 10-15 minutes.

Unwind with the fellas with a quality cigar. Best man, if you are reading this, keep this idea in mind if you want to have a classic bonding moment with your single friend before he gets hitched! Cigars make for a great gift and the perfect time to amp up the mood with cheers and a speech to the groom. (Be sure the photographer is in the room when this whole thing is happening! And don’t forget to bring a lighter and cigar cutter!) So, how do you find that quality cigar? In Mesa, a great place to experience quality cigars while learning some etiquette is at Big Sticks Fine Cigars at Mesa Riverview. They have a fantastic classy lounge and a variety of choices to help you prepare for an ideal gift for your groom: http://bigsticksfinecigars.com/store/lounge/  

4. Time Capsule.

Wouldn’t it be fun to quickly write a few memories down for the groom to open and read 5 years later? Organize a quick time capsule session. Here’s what you need: 1. A solid container large enough to store the notes and any other trinkets the groomsmen want to add to the time capsule. 2. Nice pens for everyone. 3. Good paper (think acid-free resume paper (not napkins!) from an office supply store). 4. A sealer or tape to secure the time capsule. 5. A label that states when the capsule should be opened, and any qualifications, such as all groomsmen need to be present when it is opened!

Your memories could describe when you and the groom first met and became friends, a recollection of him and the bride-to-be, or details of the wedding day. Or surprise the groom with a special message intended for his future married self! To help get the creative juices flowing, start with a phrase such as: “Remember when we….”  or “The first impression I had of you was….”  or “I predict in 5 years you will be….” As for the time capsule box or container--Hobby Lobby or Michaels is a great start to finding or creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake! Also keep the place of storage in mind--if you intend to bury the capsule, make sure it can withstand the elements for at least 5 years, such as a stainless steel, airtight, and waterproof thermos.