Photography at the Tucson Best Bead Show, Spring 2011

Here are some fairly unedited preview images of jewelry I photographed at the Tucson Best Bead Show.
Martha Brown and husband Steve drove down to the Tucson show all the way from Illinois. Like many of the show's attendees, they were expecting to have escaped the frigid weather of their home state, and were a bit surprised when arriving in Arizona! They brought several of their beautiful PMC and bronze clay pieces to be photographed, two of which are below.

My mom, Kristen Frantzen Orr, has been exhibiting with the Best Bead Show since the beginning. She and I used to go down to the Tucson show together when I was just a kid in grade school, hunting for the next amazing find for my mineral collection. She helped get me into jewelry photography, and I've had lots of practice over the years photographing her incredible floral lampwork beads! Here are a couple of her designs for sale at the current show.