Pumpkin Cat-astrophe!

We'd like to introduce you to one of our family members, Pumpkin. We adopted her from the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) about 7 years ago. The AAWL goes to the local pound and rescues a small number of animals that are on the euthanasia list. It is hard to imagine how such a sweet animal could end up there! Pumpkin is tiny for a cat, and stands a bit sloped forward, much like a hotrod. She is quite nimble and has been known to leap across an entire room in a single bound. Best of all, she has a fierce meow that sounds more like a bark, and she loves to give headbutts!

We adopted Pumpkin to keep company with our other AAWL adoptee, Kennedy. They have since developed a great friendship and our kitty rescue club has grown to 5 members!

Well, poor Pumpkin has been having some teeth problems as of late. We finally got her into the vet, and were sad to learn that she has periodontal disease. She got a thorough teeth cleaning and had two teeth removed. She came home the same day and we put her up in our cat-free bedroom zone where she could recover from the narcotics away from the rest of the crew. We set up some food and water and even a little litter box in the bathroom. Of course, Pumpkin got comfortable right away and decided to pee on our soft cozy bed instead, saturating 6 layers of blankets and sheets all the way down to the mattress! So Amanda and I had to camp out on the futon in the office last night, while we washed all the blankets.

Pumpkin is now well on her way to recovery and a much more pain-free existence. We're just so happy to have her with us!