HOW Design Conference Boston

Amanda and I just returned last Wednesday from our trip to the HOW Design Conference in Boston. It was a trip of many great firsts for both of us: first time to HOW; first trip to Boston; first time on the east coast; first time to see the Atlantic Ocean; first plane flight longer than 5 hours; first visit to the Harvard campus; first subway ride; etc. We spent over 8 hours a day at the conference brushing up on (and learning new) graphic design, photography, web design, and typography skills! It was a very inspiring conference and we can't wait to put all our new skills to use and try out the exciting new products that were presented.

Normally I'd have lots of photos to share. What!? you say. A photographer went to Boston without his camera? For shame! Yes, that's the case. We did get lots of cheesy snapshots on our cellphones, and if I figure out how to upload them I will share some. With all the time spent in the conference we managed to squeeze in just a few hours each evening out on the town. We did make it out to the North end of Boston--the Italian district--and had dinner at a quaint family-owned restaurant, Ristorante Saraceno, where Amanda managed to score a copy of the menu (she had actually just asked for a takeout menu, which they didn't have, so they gave her the whole deal.) Also had some great cannoli from Mike's Pastry (one of about 10 pastry shops and probably 30 Italian restaurants in the area), and walked to Paul Revere's house, built circa 1680!

What a great trip! To top it off, the weather was a comfy 50 - 60 degrees each day with beautiful skies (we missed out on a toasty 110 in Phoenix while we were gone!)